Upcoming Events

Here is where you will find information about upcoming events being sponsored by the Japanese Cultural Society of Maui.

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JCS Projects

Here's where we will discuss upcoming projects that we will be working on. Please join us! We could always use an extra set of hands for our projects!

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Cultural Information

Here is where we will post information about the local Japanese culture that has been such an important part of our Maui community for hundreds of years.

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New Site...New Look


We are currently undergoing some website redevelopment so please bear with us. Check back here soon to see new content including upcoming event, posts about our local culture, and more!

Thank you for your patience and thank you for visiting our site!


Next Steps...

We are constantly striving to perpetuate and preserve the rich Japanese culture that has helped shape our island community for more than a hundred years. In order for us to continue our mission, we need your help! Please join us today!